Who Should Apply

Job Responsibilities and Program Benefits

  • Risk managers and risk officers - expand their knowledge of different approaches to understanding risk.
  • Trading and sales personnel - broaden their understanding of financial markets and products, as well as risk and risk measures.
  • Portfolio managers - deepen their knowledge of equity and fixed-income portfolio management techniques.
  • Wealth managers - expand their understanding of the latest alternative investment and hedge fund strategies.
  • Back-office and reporting personnel - develop a better understanding of financial products and markets.
  • IT personnel - improve the effectiveness of their work in building the pricing and risk management architecture in their organizations.
  • Financial engineers - enhance the application of their technical skills to the broader organization.
  • Regulators, auditors, and supervisors - increase their expertise in validation of advanced risk management and security pricing infrastructures.
  • Business consultants - learn about service innovation strategies for financial services firms.