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Student Testimonials

Eva Xia Nan, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Eva Xia Nan

Position: Senior Manager of Investment Banking Division
Company: GF Securities, Guangzhou
Location: Guangzhou, China

"Enrolling in Stanford Quantitative Program was a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on technical knowledge on investment, arbitrage, hedging, derivatives, risk management and other essential financial skills, the Program has helped me grow both professionally and personally.

After completing the program, I have managed to switch my career by landing a job in the dynamic and booming investment banking sector in China. There are tremendous opportunities working for local firms in China, as most foreign investment banks are unable to take part in equity raising here.

Another valuable experience that I gained in my time during the Financial Engineering Program was building relationships with my classmates. These relationships have given me a foundation of friends and colleagues that will boost my career and my personal life for years to come."

Sung Hyun Ji, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Sung Hyun Ji

Company: Natixis
Position: Vice President

"Stanford Quantitative Finance Program gave me an opportunity to learn about engineering finance and gauge the breath of its dynamics. It also taught me the various ways to solve financial problems: through quantitative and qualitative approaches.

A real added value to the program is the diversity of the professors and students. Since we had some professors concentrated more in applied maths and other professors more in case solving, it brought about a right equilibrium.

Also, discussing and learning from students that come from diverse backgrounds help me assimilate what we learned in class to the real world."

Roger Liu, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Roger Liu

Company: Aegon Asset Management (Asia)
Position: Executive Director - Head of Product Development Asia

The Stanford Quantitative Finance Program has allowed me to foster friendships with other students with similar goals and interests, and be on the receiving end of tremendous support from a dedicated honors faculty. I feel privileged to be part of the Program. The diversity of the class as well as the teachers gives it a unique twist as it offers the ability to apply theory immediately to the practices. The program and assignments contributed largely to my understanding of strategies and their implementation. It was a challenging and stimulating experience.

Lin Ka Shun Casson, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Lin Ka Shun Casson

Company: Bank of China International Holdings Limited
Position: Associate Director

I enrolled in the Stanford Quantitative Finance Program to strengthen my technical foundations in this field. The program exceeded my expectations as it went beyond theory to the application of principles and ideas in real life settings. I particularly enjoyed the relationships established with fellow students from diverse professional backgrounds. The program inspired me to pursue further academic opportunities and I am fortunate to have been admitted to Stanford's part-time MS degree program. Although it is challenging to balance work and study through enrolling classes online at a different time zone, I have been able to learn from exceptional faculty from Stanford University. Their abilities to engage and guide students is unquestionably impressive. I would recommend both the Quantitative Finance and the part-time MS degree program without reservation.

Andy Chen, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Andy Chen

Company: Boston Consulting Group
Position: Principal

"I found the Stanford Quantitative Finance Program to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. The intensity and breadth of the program prepares me for highly quantitative, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that I can use in my approach to all challenges in my working life.

The curriculum is challenging, but the courses are planned with the busy executive in mind. The part-time class schedule gives me the flexibility that I need to fit the program around my work schedule and family life.

Apart from gaining new knowledge, it has also enhanced my critical thinking, analytical, people and presentation skills via the case studies, individual and group project papers, class discussions and presentations. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience. I have benefited both professionally and personally. It has also facilitated the establishment of strong networks within the business and finance community."

Ilex Lam Ka-Keung, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Ilex Lam Ka-Keung

Company: BEA Union Investment Management Ltd.
Position: Chief Executive Officer

"Despite more than 20 years of experience in the asset management business with global institutions, I still wanted to strengthen my quantitative skills and get a good insight into financial engineering. Through the Program I have been equipped with the best tools to understand complex financial products and this has allowed me to focus on different types of products and investor demands and to quickly adapt to market changes.

I would definitely recommend the Stanford Quantitative Finance Program for those of you who would like a more quantitative take on risk management and financial engineering, particularly if you are considering becoming a fund or risk manager. This program will equip you well for a career in the financial services sector, irrespective of what department you apply for as most international employers favors it."

Christine Chow, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Christine Chow

Company: Homage Consulting
Position: Founder and CEO

The Stanford Quantitative Finance Program delivers outstanding value to my personal and professional development

With 15 years of experience in asset management, investment consulting and research, the course materials and class interactions delivered fresh perspectives to my work.

My understanding and applications of quantitative investment analysis were strengthened, especially in some of the most cutting-edge and advanced areas of investment analytics.

Through case studies, I am inspired by how this knowledge could be utilized to enhance my ability to deliver effective solutions and innovation to my clients.

This is a practical course built on a rigorous academic framework and knowledge of experts in the subject areas.

Sajiv Shrivastva, Stanford Quantitative Finance Certificate

Sajiv Shrivastva

Company: Morgan Stanley
Position: Senior Risk Associate

The Stanford Quantitative Finance Program allowed me to get a much clearer understanding of the interaction and integration between finance, mathematics, and computing science in today's dynamic financial markets and their application in solving real-life financial and risk related problems. The course's multi-disciplinary approach provides a firm grounding and well-balanced foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in quantitative finance, risk management or furthering their interest in research work.

The course content is substantially enhanced and complemented by project work assignments mostly designed to equip students with a critical understanding of current scientific research and recent developments. This, combined with the diverse background of the students, allows for a multitude of mutual synergies to develop.

I would strongly recommend this program to people who aspire to pursue a challenging future in quantitative finance or risk management. I am confident that the knowledge and the network that I have acquired during the course stand me in good stead for my career in finance.